About shyler crochets

All you need to know about Shyler Crochet

My name is Sheila. I decided to change the spelling of the name to make it a little bit interesting and unique for the brand. I started Shylercrochets immediately after university in 2017 when I realised I could create amazing pieces through crochet.

Shylercrochets is a mix of creations made in Uganda, by me and some other local artisans as the team is still growing.

We are exclusively an online store and we don’t have any physical stores or outlets in any country. You can buy Shylercrochets products exclusively from our web shop only, as we do not wholesale our creations.

We have been designing, creating, and selling our pieces online since 2017. Our online store is safe and easy to use – you having fun and feeling safe while shopping is our priority.

We at Shylercrochets strive to keep everyone happy. We have a nice and very busy workshop here in Uganda with happy local artisans working on the pieces you get to wear, and we have made sure that the working conditions are great, and everyone is being paid fairly.

We are proud that we design and produce all our clothing in-house, rather than using big factories in China or other countries where many swimwear manufacturers like to order their products from.

When you buy Shylercrochets, you can be sure that the person who made the product is happy, because everyone working for us is a part of our close-knit Shylercrochets family.

We also do our best to keep you happy!
 From making sure that our products are of high quality and fit well, to answering all your questions and requests as soon we can, we always do our best to serve you!

We get an amazing amount of requests via email daily, and love hearing from you.

Please understand that our customer service team is very small (we are not Amazon or ASOS) so our reply time is a bit slower than with the big corporations.

Our customer service team in Bali works 8 hours every day (not 24h) and we also like to have our Sundays off as we love the beach too 🙂
We have answers to all the most common customer requests there, and in case you don’t find the answer to your question, you will find our email contact from there as well.

We love Instagram and seeing all the amazing people from everywhere in the world wearing Shylercrochets brings a smile to us every day. If you don’t know our Instagram yet, make sure to take a look @shylercrochets