Wide leg granny stitch crochet pants


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Introducing our Wide Leg Granny Stitch Crochet Pants Tutorial, brought to you by shylercrochets. These stunning pants are made using the classic granny stitch pattern, resulting in a stylish and elegant piece that is perfect for any occasion. you can easily follow along and create your own pair of fabulous pants inspired by the former ruffle granny stitch shorts = https://linkmix.co/19960274, Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these pants are not only easy to make but also long, gracefully flowing down to the feet. Experience the joy of crochet and elevate your fashion game with our Wide Leg Granny Stitch Crochet Pants pattern

to follow along with a video tutorial : https://youtu.be/cTFsZ1FZ_Ds

Yarn : winter king 4 ply dk yarn / 150 yards each ball = approximately 15 balls
Hook : 5mm hook
Darning needle
Measuring tape