Hearts stitch crochet skirt


Introducing the Crochet Hearts Skirt Tutorial, a must-have addition to your Valentines crochet collection. This tutorial is the perfect match for our previous Valentines crochet bralette and tank top tutorials, all created by shylercrochets. With a written pattern and easy-to-follow instructions, you can create your own made-to-measure design featuring the beautiful lacey heart crochet stitch and ribbed waistband. The see-through crochet pattern allows for versatility, as it can be lined for wearing to any occasion.


Complete your Valentines crochet ensemble with the Crochet Hearts Skirt Tutorial, a stunning addition to your handmade wardrobe. Part of the Valentines crochet collection by shylercrochets, this tutorial is designed to complement our previous bralette https://shylercrochets.com/shop/patterns/crochet-hearts-valentines-bralette/ and the valentines crochet sleeves / shrug : https://shylercrochets.com/shop/patterns/valentines-crochet-cropped-sleeves-shrug/ plus tank top https://shylercrochets.com/shop/patterns/valentines-crochet-hearts-v-neck-tank-top/ patterns. Featuring a beautiful lacey heart crochet stitch and a ribbed waistband, this tutorial provides you with all the tools and guidance needed to create a made-to-measure skirt. Whether worn with a lining for a more formal look or without for a flirtatious touch, this skirt is sure to turn heads wherever you go.


Hook : 5mm 


Measuring tape

Yarn : milk cotton = weight 3 approximately 2-3 balls | 150 yards each ball 

Darning needle 

Elastic strand (optional)


To make custom order : email : shylercrochets@gmail.com / WhatsApp : +256758602366

To follow along with video tutorial : https://youtu.be/3cQaeFYi8wg



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