Falling leaves crochet dress / leafy crochet dress


Introducing the exquisite Leafy Crochet Dress by ShylerCrochets. This versatile dress is perfect for your beach excursions, serving as a delightful cover-up. However, it’s not limited to just the sandy shores – with a lining, it effortlessly transforms into a delightful everyday dress. The unique pattern guides you on how to adjust the length to suit any height. Admire the captivating leaves pattern, gracefully spreading from the center of the body and cascading outwards. Elevate your summer wardrobe with this remarkable crochet dress.


Discover the mesmerizing Leafy Crochet Dress meticulously handcrafted by ShylerCrochets. Immerse yourself in its effortless beauty as it effortlessly doubles as a beach cover-up or a stylish everyday dress when lined. With its versatile pattern, you have the opportunity to customize the length to your desired height, ensuring an impeccable fit. Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary leaves pattern, cleverly emanating from the center of the dress and gracefully unfurling outwards. Elevate your summer attire with this stunning crochet dress and become the epitome of sophistication and elegance wherever you go.

the leafy dress has been my favorite creation since i started my crocheting journey

Sizes demonstrated (3)
(S-M, L, XL- 2XL)

-hook ; 5mm
-yarn : winter king 4 ply acrylic approximately 600-800-1000 yards depending on the size your are making for
-substitute yarn : lion brand 24/7 cotton
-darning needle
-measuring tape

There has been an update to this pattern and if you purchased it earlier please provide your receipt via email : shylercrochets@gmail.com and you will be sent the updated pattern

Ad-free pattern PDF is formatted for easy printing or mobile viewing and includes detailed written instructions and a photo tutorial.

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